Beyond the Mat: how you can make your first week home with baby more enjoyable

Rest, love, eat….repeat 

As of 2/18/17 I became a mom of two sweet, delicious boys. I never knew my heart could be any bigger than it was on that Saturday afternoon when we welcomed our youngest into the world. All the hormones came rushing through, making me smile and cry from ear to ear with love. Once the initial moments subsided it became reality that I just did a very natural, but supernatural thing by delivering my baby into the world. Soreness and physical discomfort began to set in. Now, this delivery was different. My first was delivered cesarean, and this go around I was able to deliver vaginally. I am glad I got to go through both birthing experiences to understand the differences in the recovery process. Although each recovery has been different from a physical standpoint, there are some core aspects about both recoveries that have been the same.

  • General soreness (just in different areas)
  • Fatigue and tiredness
  • Stress about your new baby thriving

With the anticipation of the arrival of our second child, I vowed to make sure I took care of myself better this post-partum period. With my first, I was so stressed and worried about the baby thriving that I forgot about myself. By saying that, I didn’t eat well, I didn’t make time for rest, and I entertained the masses that wanted to come see my new baby. This time I have done things exactly opposite, and my post-partum experience has been wonderful thus far. So, here is how I have made this post-partum period a much better experience…

  • Rest: take time to sit, lie down, or recline with your baby. Let your body heal. Whether a cesarean or vaginal birth – your body just went through trauma in order to have your baby. Let the tissue and joints rest fully so they can recover in a healthy way.
  • Love endlessly: Cuddle and spend time with your baby. Enjoy the bonding time without having visitors. It is ok to take the first week selfishly for yourself and your family. It will help you connect with breastfeeding and get comfortable handling your new baby.
  • Eat and hydrate: Take time to eat healthy snacks, full meals, and drink lots of water. The combination will help produce breast milk so your baby can thrive, give you energy to repair your soft tissue, and replenish your body to handle late hours with your baby.

At the end of the day, enjoy the post-partum time. It is inevitably stressful, but the environment you create can make it more enjoyable. So, from a second time mom….Rest, Love, Eat, and repeat!

With warm wishes,


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