The Power of Gratitude

woman practicing yoga at seashore

We all begin to feel stressed as we move into the holiday seasons.  It is easy to allow our thoughts to shift in to the negative space….

Why is there so much traffic? Why do I have to park so far? Why can’t I think of the perfect gift? Why doesn’t the store have any gravy?!? 

When we notice ourselves moving into this “negative” space, we should try to pull ourselves back. Most of the stress that we allow to consume us this time a year is usually silly if we sit down to really think about it.  Try this exercise: when you begin to feel stressed focus on how your breath is moving in and out of your body, take a moment to chill, and think about how little this “problem” affects the big picture.  Try to move your feelings into a more “positive” space…

There is more time to work on my breathing patterns when there is traffic… There is more fresh air to breath in by parking so far…Any gift given is appreciated… Maybe we just don’t need that much gravy on our mound of potatoes…

Try this little exercise over the next week and notice how you feel.  I can assure you that you will feel more at ease, calm, and more prepared to take on the holiday hustle.  It has been shown that people who live life with more gratitude feel happier, sleep better, get sick less often, and feel more at peace in chaotic situations. Along with shifting your thoughts, try adding mindful movement to your weekly agenda.  Lay down your mat and move with us this holiday season!!

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