Beyond the mat with Becca: thinking loving thoughts …

Why does it make us feel better to let things go? Choosing not to feel hurt by things read, or take it personally by things said. To not feel that sense of heaviness in our hearts when we have chosen the opposite reaction of worry, anger, or judgment. What is the real connection between negative thought and the way we feel? Can we choose to be more positive with our thoughts allowing love, compassion, and non-judgment to be our reaction instead? Maybe if we choose to do this then we can feel better physically and potentially suffer with less chronic pain.

Numerous studies are being conducted on this very idea; that there is a direct connection between negative thought and chronic pain. What a notion! That by making a permanent change in how we think, we may be able to positively affect our physical body. The first thing we must do is to create this habit of changing the way think and how we react in situations. Of course, this takes time and consistency (lets get real – it will not happen overnight!). Here is a short list of how we can start developing this habit now, during this month that is known for LOVE:

  1. Set a positive intention every day: don’t think about this too much.  It can be something as small as smiling at a stranger or choosing to not harp on simple mistakes at work! Just something positive
  2. Don’t play the victim: try not take everything you read or things you hear as a direct dig at you, just let it go …. it most likely has nothing to do with you anyways!
  3. Choose your words thoughtfully: stop and think before reacting to anything that makes you tighten your breath or raises your blood pressure

So, lets try to choose love, patience, and kindness in our thoughts and reactions this month and see how it makes us feel!

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