Are you READY for a change?

As a physical therapist that worked for years in a busy outpatient clinic I have heard more excuses than I ever wanted to hear. As a physical therapist, this use to hurt me more than it should. I whole-heartedly wanted my patients to improve, to feel better, to recover. I knew the only way they would get better is by committing to a program that would involve more effort than just coming to see me twice a week. It wasn’t until later that a teacher would open my eyes to the fact that I needed to stop taking it personally. People must be READY to make a change, READY to get healthier, READY to improve their quality of life. I realized that it wasn’t my responsibility to make them do this. It was my responsibility to make them aware of the changes that they needed to make, and it was my responsibility to teach them how to effectively make that change.

This is where the vision of Restorative Therapy Co. started. My goal was to help and empower individuals to improve their quality of life through appropriate exercise and lifestyle changes. A thorough evaluation is the critical piece to the puzzle. Every evaluation at Restorative Therapy Co. includes an assessment of the individual’s current physical wellbeing and the quality of their flexibility, strength, balance, joint mobility, and functional movement patterns. A treatment plan can be designed specifically around what each patient needs based on his or her assessment. No two patients will ever have the same treatment even if they come in with the same complaint because we know that every person’s body is very different. We understand that there is usually more than one reason why pain is present in the body, and that we need to address all those areas in order to accurately correct the problem.

You don’t need to be hurt or have significant pain to get an evaluation from a physical therapist at Restorative Therapy Co. Physical therapists can be a great resource for individuals who want to move through life more gracefully and improve their function during their activity or sport of choice. Physical therapists are trained and educated to also promote physical wellness in order to PREVENT potential injuries or pain conditions.

It is easy to get lost in the shuffle of the busy healthcare machine. At Restorative Therapy Co. we specialize in evaluation of anything relating to orthopedic, spine, and postural care. Don’t wait to come see us if you want a more direct and personalized approach to treatment, or want a screening for potential impairments that may be limiting your current function. If you are READY to make a healthy lifestyle change, then we are READY to help you along your journey today!

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