What is a Private Yoga Therapy Session?

  • Mindfulness therapy
  • Where classical yoga meets trauma-informed psychology
  • Gentle and restorative postures are incorporated into each session along with breath-work to help cultivate healing and well-being during times of stress, anxiety, or chronic illness.
  • A therapist’s touch and skillful use of mindfulness tools can help clients calm their day-to-day worries and feel better in body and in life.
  • Transformative awareness is simple, yet profound.



Who would benefit from a session?

  • Cancer Clients
  • Chronically Ill Clients
  • Caregivers & Providers
  • Those suffering with chronic stress or pain
  • Those suffering with anxiety & depression
  • History of trauma or PTSD
  • Anyone in need of a safe and therapeutic space to heal
  • Anyone wishing for change and a more meaningful life



What would you expect at each session? 

  • 90 minutes in a comfortable and soothing environment
  • Gentle, supported yoga postures
  • Constant care and attention from the therapist and a special integration time
  • Clients shift back into the real world carrying with them the practical insight and healing they received
  • Follow-up contact and support is encouraged
  • “Therapy on the mat” helps to empower clients toward harmony and change



Who is your Yoga Therapist?

Stephanee Howell is a retired ICU nurse with experience in hospice and cancer care.  After retiring from nursing she pursued her passion for yoga and it’s therapeutic benefit for those who suffer with life-long or life-altering conditions.  She has over 1000 hours of Phoenix Rising yoga therapy training (IAYT applied) and certifications in Y4C’s (yoga for cancer) and Mindful Yoga for Cancer from Duke University.  She holds an MA in Transpersonal Psychology.

She has a true calling for helping individuals and families get through difficult stages in their lives using yoga and mindfulness.

Please visit her website for more information: www.yogafromyourheart.com


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