What is the phone number?



Why would I benefit Restorative Therapy Co services?

At Restorative Therapy you will get 100% attention, for a full hour or more, with a highly skilled practitioner. Many common orthopedic injuries and conditions can be treated within a few visits, and managed independently through a home program when given adequate educational materials and support. This can save you time and money in health care costs!


Do I need a physician referral for services?


A physician referral is not necessary for certain physical therapy services in Virginia. Direct Access for physical therapy services allows physical therapists to evaluate and treat clients without referral for up to 30 days until physician referral is required.

We recommend you obtain a prescription for physical therapy if you plan to file for reimbursement through your insurance company for our services.


Is an evaluation always required?


An initial evaluation is not required if you are seeking help for post-natal rehab, looking to relax with restorative yoga, or requesting post-physical therapy fitness.

An evaluation will be required if you were referred by a doctor for physical therapy for treatment of an acute injury or chronic pain condition. Follow-up treatment will be designed based on the assessment from the initial physical therapy evaluation.

Please call to schedule your first visit, so we can make sure you are getting the service that fits your needs best!


Will my insurance reimburse for services?

Restorative Therapy Co is a private-pay business, and we are currently an out-of-network provider with all insurance companies. We are happy to provide you with necessary paperwork that you can turn in to your insurance company, but we can not guarantee reimbursement. Check with your respective plans to understand your insurance benefits, and what steps are necessary for out-of-network reimbursement.

HSA and FSA programs should cover physical therapy services. Check with your respective plans to understand your benefits!


Does Medicare or Medicaid cover services?

Restorative Therapy Co is not in network with Medicare or Medicaid. By law, we can not provide physical therapy services to those insured by either company.


Where is Restorative Therapy Co located?

  • We are located inside VB Physical Therapy & Wellness, a local wellness center in the great neck area of Virginia Beach.
  • 2126 Great Neck Square Shopping Center,  Va beach 23454
  • We offer private and group services in our studio, as well as at your *home or office by appointment only.

*We are based in the great neck area of Va Beach. An additional $35 fee is applied for home or office services for clients and patients who live or work in the surrounding areas  within 15 miles of our home studio.  Additional charges may apply for travel expenses if you live in Norfolk, Chesapeake, or the outskirts of Va Beach.  Just contact us for a quote!


What are your hours of operations?

Sessions are by appointment based on the needs of your schedule & speed of service.  Contact us to get you scheduled!


What is the biopsychosocial model of medicine?

In short, the biophyscosocial model means to look at the “whole” body when treating pain.  We believe that many chronic injuries manifest and stem from many factors, including: home responsibilities, daily posture, motivation levels, work duties, social expectations, etc.  We aim to get to the root of chronic pain problems, and believe that we must look at physical, psychological, and social aspects of each client in order to better understand how to treat and help each individual person.






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