How is our physical therapy service different than the traditional service?

We provide a type of rehabilitation that combines two professions:

Physical therapy + Yoga therapy


We integrate yoga postures into our evidence-based treatment strategies to look at the body as a whole instead of focusing in solely on the specific joint or area your injury may be presenting itself.  This strategy helps us get to the root of the problem in order to help restore your body’s natural mechanics and function for longer lasting relief.


Who would benefit?


unremitting neck & back pain


orthopedic injury


poor posture


general weakness


individuals who want an integrative, whole body approach to physical wellness and rehabilitation


those who have not found success with traditional forms of physical therapy




What To Expect: Evaluation


Postural alignment assessment


strength & stability assessment


analysis for poor movement patterns during functional activities


Flexibility measures


you will be taught a few initial techniques that you can practice at home to help yourself


Your program may include yoga postures, breathing activities, and/or postural & therapeutic exercises




What To Expect: Treatment


1-on-1 for 60 minutes with a doctor of physical therapy


Sessions may include yoga, fitness, and physical therapy techniques


Time will be spent educating you on our clinical findings


Time will be spent teaching you the appropriate techniques to help you manage your pain and improve your quality of life


The end goal is to get you independent and capable to take back your life through an appropriate and personalized home yoga or fitness practice!



Why private pay?


1-on-1 visits


Innovative treatment strategies specific to your body’s needs


You will never have to share your appointment time with another patient


You will always receive direct support from your therapist
Gaurenteed high quality of care throughout the duration of your time with us




*An MD script is not necessary on your first visit.  Please contact us for more information.

For more information on cost & service break-down

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